Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs – 180g

Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs – 180g

Take a moment to close your eyes and be whisked away to an exotic paradise with this range of Tropical Paradise Bath Bombs. Similar in scent to a tempting tropical cocktail, you won’t want to leave the bathroom.

Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs is a amazingly sweet and zesty range of exotic tropic fruit. Each bomb weighs in at a massive 180 grams and contains a generous portion of Coconut Butter to make it smoother on your skin, with colourful soap peelings which helps to create silky foam and cleanse the body while you are having a tropical bath experience.



Papaya, Mangosteen, Watermelon, Pomelo, Kiwi fruit, Strawberry, Pineapple, Dragon fruit


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