Personalised Song Candle

Personalised Song Candle

Personalised Song Candles make a lovely memorable gift to give to someone you share a special song with, whether it be a song that was playing when you first met someone, or your first dance song at your wedding or even the favourite song of someone who has passed away.

You can personalise this candle with any photo and song that you wish. You can also add Names or words above the photo.

Please Note: There may be a slight colour variation between what you see on you screen and the result you receive.


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Step into a world of cherished memories and heartfelt emotions with our exquisite Personalised Song Candle. Artisan-crafted, this candle transcends tradition, becoming a timeless keepsake that resonates in your soul.

Artisans passionately create each candle with meticulous attention to detail, infusing it with a personal touch. The printed design, adorned with song page from your favourite song and a photo becomes a work of art that tells your unique story. Customise it further by adding the names of loved ones or significant dates, making it a cherished memento of your journey together.

As you ignite the flame, memories come alive, entwining with the flickering glow. The candle becomes a symbol of your deepest connections, celebrating joyous moments and providing a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

Versatile and heartfelt, the Personalised Song Candle is the perfect gift for commemorating special occasions, expressing your love to a partner, or celebrating the bonds of friendship. Its carefully tailored design showcases the essence of your relationship, a true reflection of your emotions and shared experiences. Each candle becomes a canvas of emotions, artfully depicting the love, laughter, and cherished memories that define your unique journey.

Illuminate your life with meaning and significance as you embrace the magic of our Personalised Song Candle. Order now and fill your space with the harmonious glow of love, eternally captured in its printed design.

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