Aromatherapy Bath Potions Bath Bombs

Aromatherapy Bath Potions Bath Bombs


Our aromatherapy bath bombs are made from citric acid to soften the water but what makes these bombs really special is that we have mixed our top selling aromatherapy bath salts with a wonderfully stimulating and refreshing blends of essential oils together to create that relaxing bath experience you and your customers are looking for.

So if you are looking for something that makes you feel really rather relaxed, calmed and totally chilled.. then drop one of those in to the bath and lay back and enjoy the fizz. Each bath bomb weights at least 120g!

For each three bath bombs of the same size purchased from any range the order will come in a free natural style cardboard gift box.  Full colour ingredients list included.


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Total unwind, Total Detox, PMT, Passion, Wake up, Cold & Flu, Stress Buster, Warming, Decadence, Sleepy Head


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