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About us at Coopers Gifts and More

About Us

Hi, I’m Claire. Wife and mother to 3 boys. Welcome to Coopers Gifts and More, thank you for wanting to learn more about us and how we came about Coopers Gifts and More.

Welcome to a place where you can shop for all occasions, from birthdays and Christmas to anniversaries and christenings. You can also shop home decor items and bedding as well as other soft furnishings.

Coopers Gifts and More was founded in January 2022, just 2 months after I had my youngest son.

My Journey so far

From a young age I knew I always wanted my own business, to work for myself at home where I could spend time with my kids when I had them. After spending 5 years at home with my eldest doing nothing, to then heading back out into the workplace for a year before becoming pregnant with my middle boy and then staying home again, I decided that this time I would do something productive with my time. 

Whilst building my business, I actually switched website builder before then switching back again. I originally switched because it was confusing and time consuming but I realised that not only did it have better apps and add-ons, it was in actual fact easier to use once I took the time to get to know the site. Since then I have progressed to a more advanced site builder which allows me to not only improve my skills but improve my website,

In the last 17 months that my company has been up and running, I have added many products and increased suppliers allowing me to provide more for my customers and I have also introduced an affiliate programme that pays commissions out same day.

My Vision

My aim is to create a stress-free shopping experience for all. Customers are my main focus always, from ease of use of the website, to easily finding what they need. If there is a specific type of product they are wanting and it is not on the website, I do my utmost best to try and source it for them.

Hey, It’s nice to meet you.

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